Last-minute preparations for World Series under way


Things are so different now than they were when just the last series wrapped up on Monday. On Wednesday morning, there were more than just San Francisco fans. There were people who had driven in from Merced and Los Angeles. A huge broadcast TV set has been erected in Willie Mays Plaza. The Giants are definitely on the big stage now.

Security ramped up for World Series

The World Series doesn't just bring out rabid baseball fans, it also brings out bomb squads, bomb-sniffing jobs, and x-ray machines from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. "Well, the World Series is a big event. There's going to be a lot of people here, a lot of different things happening," said Frank Falcon with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. "Want to make sure the city of San Francisco stays safe."

Before any truck can go to AT&T Park, it has to pass through an x-ray machine monitored by officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "Everything that goes to the ballpark, we're going to run it through the trucks over here, through our scanners, see if there's any anomalies, something that doesn't look right," Falcon said.

Fans hunt for big game tickets

While officers are looking for problems, fans are looking for tickets. "I drove up from LA last night. I slept in my truck. I woke up at 7. I came down here to see if the B.O. was open. The B.O. opened up at 10. They said there was no tickets available," Raul Fundora told ABC7 News. So, Raul found a scalper and is hoping for the best. "He seemed honest enough but I don't know. I don't know what the Frisco crowd's like," he said.

He paid $150 each for standing room only. For those who cannot afford those prices, there is another option. Fans hoping to watch an inning from free from the window in the outfield were lined up early Wednesday morning. They insist it's better than the view on TV. "Being here in the crowd, everybody roaring when something good goes for the Giants, just that feeling you get," said Gene Sennett from San Luis Obispo.

"At a great stadium with a spot for free viewing, so three innings is better than nothing. At least I'll be in the city to enjoy it," said Matt Hutchings from Merced.

Tickets and t-shirts aren't the only expensive items at the park, there's also parking. At 4th and Brennan, drivers can get a spot for $75. City officials recommend fans take public transportation. They're also encouraging enthusiasm. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has declared this week "San Francisco Giants Pride Week."

Giants prepare field and players

Dozens of workers spent hours yesterday making sure AT&T Park will shine. The grounds crew tackled the job of drying out tons of infield dirt, after it was soaked during Monday's win over St. Louis. Coit Tower, the Ferry Building and several other signature landmarks will light up in orange every night, during the World Series.

The Giants took batting practice at AT&T Park yesterday to get ready for Game 1. The players kept loose as well by running and stretching in the outfield. The Detroit Tigers also took their licks in the batting cage. The practice session gave the Tigers a chance to work out the kinks, after a long plane ride.

The Giants asked the Oakland A's if they could borrow Turface, which is a highly absorbent clay used in the infield. After the rainy Game 7 of the NLCS on Monday, the Giants had used all of their Turface up. The Giants had to use about 60 bags from the A's.

Barry Zito will start Game 1 and Madison Bumgarner Game 2. Then the series moves to Detroit, Ryan Vogelsong will start Game 3 Saturday, followed by Matt Cain in Game 4 Sunday. Tim Lincecum will pitch as a reliever in the World Series.

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