San Francisco Giants head for Detroit with 2-0 lead


The fun and energy of winning came to a grinding halt as the Giants dealt with the mundane chore of traveling. The players and their manager say they'd much rather be playing. "Momentum's huge. That's one of the frustrating things about not being able to play today because we are so game ready and have played so well in the last few days," General Manager Brian Sabean said.

As the players loaded up the bus, many of them had their wives and children with them, which does not happen often during the regular season. "That's a decision we made to try and keep the players in the right frame of mind. They want their families to share the World Series experience," Giants President Larry Baer said.

The Giants are ahead for the first time in this postseason. In the other two series they came from behind, but this change doesn't concern team executives. "If you gave me a choice, I'd take a 2-0 versus 0-2," Baer said.

Once they arrive in Detroit, they'll try to get a light workout in and then relax Friday night. Coach Bruce Bochy says they will miss the home field advantages. "Unbelievable two games, the fans, everything. These guys, believe me, they're so appreciative of what we have here," he said.

The team did get a send-off from AT&T Park as a few fans gathered to wish them well. One man even played them a song as they drove away. "It's important for them to see fans and know they're loved and that we're all rooting for them," fan Mary Atchison told ABC7 News.

Asked if they'd rather clinch in Detroit or come back and win the series at home, Giants leadership said they've learned that in this business, it's better to win every single game so even though it'd be better for the fans to do it in San Francisco, they'd rather get it done in Detroit.

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