San Francisco prepares for Giants parade


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Giants fan Jose Yepez has orange and black fuzzy dice hanging from the handlebars of his bike. He was decked out in all of his Giants gear and said he knows exactly where he'll be Wednesday morning. "One Hundred percent, definitely -- I'm going to be there."

Just like two years ago, Yepez will be shoulder to shoulder with a throng of thousands, as the world champion Giants ride down Market Street and take the stage in front of City Hall. In 2010, the team took the same route as they did in 1958, when they first came to San Francisco -- complete with the old-fashioned ticker tape.

These piles of barricades showing up along Market Street trace a simpler route than two years ago. Instead of going through the Financial District, the mayor's office tells us this parade will start at the Ferry Building and take a straight shot down Market Street to City Hall. So it will be a shorter route, but with no shortage of fans.

"I would like to have a million people out there because I think we have a very organized approach to this," said Mayor Ed Lee.

The mayor's office has wasted no time setting up grandstands, a stage, and of course, portable toilets. Transit agencies are adding extra capacity including the Golden Gate Ferry, and BART -- which expects to carry 250,000 extra people. They'll run extra trains, and longer trains, but the real back-up could be at the ticket machines.

"Buy your tickets before Wednesday or load up your clipper cards before Wednesday so you'll have enough fare on your tickets or on your clipper cards to go into the city and back home," said BART spokeswoman Luna Salaver.

The mayor says having the parade on Halloween was the Giants' choice, but he supports it. Lee said, "I know there were going to be a lot of youth leaving school early, a lot of parents that were going to be with their kids. We are creating a family-friendly event for everybody to participate in."

Then again, that is what they said last time. Right before Aubrey Huff pulled out the rally thong. No word yet on whether it'll make another appearance.

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