SFSU opens new space on campus for veterans

November 9, 2012 3:45:28 PM PST
San Francisco State University just opened up a new spot just for student veterans. "VETS Corner" gives students who served in the military their own space to study, socialize, or seek out resources.

The school already has a Veterans Services Center to provide career counseling and academic advice. It found these students sometimes need extra help to transition from the battlefield to the classroom.

"When you get out of the military and then go into college, you're pretty different from anybody else," said SF State student and veteran Ian Goold. "It's not that it's hard to make friends, but you definitely don't identify with everybody, so one of the great things that this center provides is a place for veterans to come together and congregate and network with other veterans."

Nearly 400 student veterans are enrolled at San Francisco State. The university was named one of the top military-friendly schools in the country by G.I. Jobs Magazine.