Gun range lets customers shoot each other

November 15, 2012 7:18:05 PM PST
A Florida gun range is moving past paint ball, air soft battles and is allowing customers to fire shots at each other.

Combat City in Winter Park, Florida uses specially designed ammunition for your revolver, rifle, or semi-automatic assault weapon.

Customers can simulate tactical operations of their own.

There are also self-defense classes, including one specially-designed for women. Make no mistake, if you get shot, it will hurt.

"There is supposed to be a degree of pain with it so that you do learn from it. Someone's trying to hurt you. You learn how to be as tactical as a civilian can be," Combat City owner Dave Kaplan said.

The owners of Combat City say their facility tests a person's nerve and helps them to know if they have it in them to shoot another person if their life depended on it.