Man breaks into apartments in Pacific Heights

November 21, 2012 6:53:56 PM PST
A burglar went on a wild and violent rampage near San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Police say the thief kicked down doors and windows in at least three residential buildings on Franklin and Sacramento Streets.

He stole items from cars and broke into several apartments.

The burglar threw a suitcase full of stolen loot from a second story window and tried to get away, but was captured by police.

"There's blood everywhere and the two units that I know of are pretty ransacked. A lot of damage to the building as far as the windows and the frames," Property manager Lilian Quintana said.

One police officer cut his arms while trying to grab the burglar through a broken window. Police say none of the residents were hurt.

The suspected burglar was taken to a local hospital with cuts and bruises.