Bay Area residents coexist with wild turkeys


While many in the Bay Area sit down for their traditional turkey feast, others have learned to peacefully coexist with the wild, and very much alive, variety.

The wild turkeys, not native to the region, have become a fact of life for many who live in Bay Area neighborhoods, especially those that border open spaces. In places like Danville, one person's novelty is another's nuisance.

"They are everywhere," Danville resident Heather Rezowalli said. "They're on the road, in the front yard, in the backyard. The biggest worry I have is running these turkeys over."

Kent Rezowalli adds, "Another thing is sometimes you go out in your backyard with freshly planted flowers, they're gone. Turkeys just laying around picking the tops of your new flowers."

In years past some communities, like Crow Canyon, gave applied for and received permits from California Fish and Game to thin out the feathered herds that wander their streets. That usually involves an expert coming out to shoot them.

When told that some people want to shoot them, Danville resident Max Joachim said, "Yeah well, sometimes I side with them. They get pretty annoying."

Fellow Danville resident Megan Woram disagrees, "I don't think that's a good solution. They're not that big of a nuisance."

Contra Costa Animal Control recommends people do not feed the big birds. They also say don't call them. They don't handle wild turkey situations unless it's a danger to public health or safety.

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