Santa travels by seaplane to deliver toys to kids


Santa Claus admits the seaplane is a bit of a non-traditional ride for him. But you know, the reindeer gotta rest up for Christmas.

On Wednesday afternoon, jolly old Saint Nick made a smooth splashdown in the Bay to bring some early Christmas presents to some lucky kids.

The plane came from Seaplane Adventures in Marin.

And the kids came from a 22-year-old organization called Performing Stars that helps kids from low-income areas like Marin City get involved with the arts. They were pretty jazzed about Santa's new ride.

Santa explained it this way, "You know, I'm a very busy man on Christmas Day, and sometimes I have to try to get ahead."

"We know Santa came in on a sleigh, and not in a plane, so this is pretty cool to me to be honest," Marin mother Kiki Stewart said.

"It was good, it was great and it was awesome," Camron McDonald said. "And he waved at us and said ho ho ho, and everyone that's watching Channel 7, I wish them a merry Christmas."

There were more than 40 kids at Wednesday's event. Each got a toy, a book, and some homemade cookies.

Performing Stars says they're having another even bigger toy drive this weekend.

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