Marin reservoirs at full capacity after recent rains


All seven reservoirs in Marin are at capacity as of Friday night. Lake Lagunitas near Mt. Tam is full and overflowing, as is Bon Tempe Dam, where rushing water is cascading over the top into Alpine Lake below.

The amounts are amazing so early in the season. And it's a beautiful sight to see, especially if you're in the water business.

"All of our reservoirs as of last night have reached capacity. That's the earliest that we've done that since 1983," said Mike Ban of the Marin Municipal Water District.

That's amazing, considering reservoirs don't usually top off until April. And in drought years, lakes can look like deserts.

"Having lived here when there was 50 gallons a day water rationing back in the '90s, it's great to see we've got a leg up on it already," said Mill Valley resident Stuart Felker.

The high water means the trout are biting, big time. Mill Valley resident Brenden Collins showed off a fish that he said took him about two minutes to catch since fish were closer to the shore.

Despite all the water, officials in Marin are still urging residents to conserve water.

All of the reservoirs that feed the Bay Area's water supply are in good shape. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says its reservoirs are at 83 percent of capacity. The East Bay Municipal Utility District's five reservoirs are at a combined 85 percent, and one of the Santa Clara Valley Water District's biggest rainwater reservoirs, the Lexington, is at 63 percent.

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