Family of SF crash victim makes emotional plea


The crash also injured a third person, 18-year-old Emmanuel Garcia. Now his family is pleading with officials to allow his father to come from Guatemala to see him.

Garcia suffered several injuries, including broken bones, a head injury and a collapsed lung. The family has hired an immigration attorney to try to help bring his father to San Francisco.

Ricarda Tun, Garcia's mother, spoke to ABC7 News from the hospital where Garcia is recovering. Her sister, 29 year-old Sylvia Patricia Tun, was also in the car. She died.

Tun says her son doesn't remember what happened. They haven't told him that his aunt is dead. Tun says when her son woke up, the first thing he said was that he wanted to see his father.

The family is trying desperately to bring the young man's father from Guatemala, but they have not been able to obtain a visa.

The accident occurred on New Year's Day. Garcia was taking his aunt home when police say Morales ran through the intersection at 21st and South Van Ness in a black Chevy, crashing into Garcia's car.

According to investigators, Morales was running away from police after he shot at three people inside a housing project not far away. A pedestrian, Francisco Gutierrez, was also killed in the accident.

Morales faces two counts of murder and a series of other serious charges. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon says Morales was on probation for his involvement with a street gang in San Mateo County.

"I think this is a very good example of someone who probably wasn't even thinking the day he decided to go out and drive into another neighborhood that he would end up killing two people and ending up the rest of his life in prison," Gascon said.

Gascon said he will prosecute the case to the fullest extent of the law. The D.A. is asking that bail be set at $10 million.

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