Estimated 10,000 attend gun show at Cow Palace


Gun show organizers say they had record attendance, about 10,000 thousand people showed up at the Cow Palace. The people we spoke to said they came because they fear that the president's task force on guns will result in tighter restrictions on ammunition, clips, and especially assault weapons.

"I cannot believe the number of people and cars," said gun show attendee Bob Daziel.

Daziel is as shocked at the turnout as are organizers of the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Cow Palace. Thousands of people came to Daly City, many of them for the same reason and the same concern.

Jayleen Heres just bought an AR15 assault rifle, "That's why we all need to get 'em now before they take 'em away." When asked if he has more at home, Heres answered, "I have three more at home this is the fourth."

"I'm like the hundredth in line right now and there's like more than 500 people on line to get ammunition," Frank Andtetta said.

Many here say the reason for this huge turnout is the discussion going on in Washington. Vice President Joe Biden has convened a series of meetings to hopefully build a consensus among the NRA, gun owners, and anti-gun proponents. The idea is to try and prevent more tragedy like Sandy Hook and possibly pass a ban on assault weapons.

Daziel says it has created fear among many gun owners, "Because Obama wants to take everybody's guns away. So they're down here buying ammo, buying guns, they're getting ready for the next revolution."

Gun show President Bob Templeton attended the meetings in Washington, "Further restrictions on the second amendment are not on the table for discussion."

Templeton says that's his stand as well as the NRA's. He says some consensus was reached as far as background checks for criminal and mental health records but he thinks the administration is just having these meetings for show.

"It was constructive dialogue," Templeton said. "But I think, I think they had their minds made up when they came in the meeting."

The president's task force is expected to make its recommendation by the end of the month.

Templeton says he expects about 8,000 people at the gun show on Sunday and also expects to sell out of ammunition.

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