Cold snap poses all sorts of concerns

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"I have about four layers on. It is freezing. My dog goes and hides underneath the bed. She doesn't even want to go for a walk," said Kyra Shustter.

People are facing the freezing temperatures with different concerns.

Lawrence Houle is worried about living in his motorhome without enough heat. "I've been here 21 years from New England, and this is the worst cold snap I have ever seen here," he said.

Bill Dwyer is busy protecting his plants. He reacted to the cold snap by covering up his citrus trees and hibiscus plants.

Jennifer Murrill is trying to help those who can't help themselves. She and her company UL collected and donated 150 coats for those less fortunate. "This morning when I got in the car and it said 29 degrees, I thought this is the perfect day to be dropping these off," she said.

The cold is literally endangering lives for many homeless. Sacred Heart Community Service is busy handing out 2,000 pieces of clothing a day at its clothes closet.

Houle said people's generosity does make a difference. When you live outside, it doesn't have to drop below freezing for the cold to cut right through you. "I knew that 46 was the magic number. Once you're 45, 44 and going down, it wakes you up constantly," Houle said.

Sacred Heart will be handing out about 100 backpacks filled with toiletries and a blanket to the homeless Tuesday night. The non-profit said warm blankets and coats are especially needed.

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