49ers fans enjoying tastes of New Orleans


The Daisy Dukes restaurant is right across the street from the hotel where the 49ers are staying. The restaurant never closes.

Your mouth may water at the words alone:

"Camellia red beans, catfish, shrimp, rice for the beans, for the jambalaya, ingredients for the gumbo," said Joey Guzzardi of Sysco Foods.

Guzzardi knows the New Orleans palate inside and out. He sells the food to the restaurants.

"Crawfish season starts now, so you'll see people eating crawfish, shrimp season is pretty much year round, we're well into oyster season. Raw oysters on the half shell. Grilled oysters are very popular," said Guzzardi.

Seafood as far as the eye can see and so much more awaits 49er fans that are making the trip to see their team in the Super Bowl.

"I'm from the Bay Area, Santa Cruz. A little town called Felton," said Lawni Gue.

Over a fried catfish po boy, Gue said he now lives in Burbank and is in New Orleans for work, but he can't hide his status as a 49er faithful.

"Since we're staying in the same hotel, I purchased the hat this morning and ran right back to the hotel cause they were coming in and out and I had a couple guys sign it," said Gue.

One table over, another fan from another state - Florida.

"I've always been a 49ers fan since Joe Montana and Steve Young and I liked Vernon Davis in college and they drafted him," said Renold Paul from Orlando, Florida.

They crew over at the uber famous Café du Monde got a sweet treat when coach Jim Harbaugh and his family came by for beignets.

Just another delicious example of what New Orleans has to offer.

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