Couple finds way to attend Super Bowl on budget


Brandon Duncan and Kristal Pollack have been working on posters for their trip to New Orleans. They're not getting there by plane or car, but instead a 31-foot ford Maverick RV they're renting in Houston. "I got online and was looking at flights and hotel prices and we were both kind of like wow, sticker shock, big time," Kristal said.

"I thought is there a way I can do this cheaper but still have a fun, great experience. So, I actually don't know what possessed me to think I'm going to get an RV and drive," Brandon recalled.

There was no way they were going to miss this game. They've helped the Niners get there by wearing their lucky shirts, religiously. So, with tickets in hand, they came up with a plan to fly to Houston, rent the RV, and drive on to New Orleans. But then what?

Brandon found a site he'd never heard of. ParkWhiz had the answer. "They had a whole weekend where Friday evening through Sunday night, RV parking like a quarter-mile from the stadium. I thought, this is too good to be true," Brandon said.

It would cost $1,500, but it did offer tailgating unlike the stadium. So, after some quick research to make sure ParkWhiz was legit, Brandon pounced just in the nick of time. "I reserved it. It was literally the last spot they had in the lot. So, we just barely got in. Otherwise, I'd just be circling New Orleans in the RV or something," he said.

Chicago-based ParkWhiz says the average price paid for two or three days to park a car ranges from about $100 to $375. The average for a tailgating RV space is between $500 and nearly $1,900. It's a small price to pay when you consider, "We're going to win," Kristal told ABC7 News.

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