Hollywood celebs to help kickoff Macworld in SF


It's being called the ultimate i-fan event. This is the 29 year for Macworld in San Francisco. And this year, there's lots of star power behind the show.

25,000 people are expected to attend the three day event that's all about Apple. On Thursday people were lined up for one of the biggest draws of the show, a talk with actor Ashton Kutcher who plays the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie. Our cameras were not allowed inside that talk where Kutcher talked about portraying his hero.

Musician Will.i.am is also speaking later today talking about the future of technology and gadgets. Many say Hollywood merging with the tech world was bound to happen.

"They're prime examples of celebrities affecting pop culture and affecting consumer electronic design," said Macworld General Manager Paul Kent. "Both of them are investors in tech companies, both of them are very savvy about how they use their celebrity to bring certain products to market."

Los Angeles resident Jenny Engard added, "I think it's Apple's time. I honestly think that Apple has played such a huge part in mainstream media and pop culture, especially over the past 10 to 20 years. I think it's overdue, actually, for celebrity culture to invade Macworld."

Apple has not played a part in Macworld for a couple of years now, but that's okay with most fans who have come from all over the world to basically hang out with their friends and speak "Apple" with each other.

Kutcher admitted he never even owned an Apple computer until he bought an iPod because he said it was easier to sync up the music. And now he's playing Steve Jobs on the big screen.

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