Miami cops caught on tape ignoring emergency calls


The Miami-Dade County Police Department says it fired two officers and a sergeant after they were videotaped ignoring calls and falsifying activity reports.

The department monitored the officers for two years.

Video shows one on-duty officer not budging when a call comes in for an unconscious 5-year-old. To make matters worse, his supervisor is sitting next to him.

"The idea of not going to a call honestly just never crosses your mind," said James Loftus, former Miami-Dade Police Director. "That's not so much about being a bad cop, that's about being a bad human being."

According to an internal police investigation launched in 2010, the same officer was videotaped with his girlfriend while on duty on numerous occasions. One time he didn't answer an armed robbery call.

The department says he also videotaped officers shopping and visiting family outside of the district.

The fired officers are appealing to get their jobs back.

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