Oakland residents discuss strategies to stop violence


People gathered at Frick Middle School in East Oakland Saturday evening to try a new strategy to combat violence; involving creating a stress free, violence free community.

People from different parts of Oakland gathered to talk about what it's like to live here.

In 2012 there were 131 homicides in Oakland. And so far this year there have been eight.

Organizers of the event wanted young people to figure out a new way to deal with their anger and frustration, because they say far too many lash out in a violent way.

"I think Oakland really needs young people to be trained in the basic value of life and have clear and specific strategies on how to address the stress in lives," said Bill Herman with Youth Empowerment for Schools.

Meditation is what another group also stressed as a way to manage problems.

Those at the gathering broke out into smaller groups and talked about ways they feel Oakland needs to change.

It wasn't a coincidence that the event was held at Frick Middle School. The school has already been on lockdown twice this year alone.

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