Storm expected to bring significant snowfall to Sierra


The big savior for this resort and others is the record snowfall they received early in the season -- 12.5 feet at Heavenly in December. They've basically been living off that ever since, and are thrilled to see some new snow finally heading this way.

San Mateo's Cole Sloane may be only 6-years-old, but he told us he's already got this skiing thing down, pretty much, "When I really get going fast, I kind of like slowing down, cause you always want to stay like in control," Sloane said.

Knowing how to stop is a must in this kind of snow, a condition the resorts call firm. The snow at Sierra ski resorts like Heavenly may be a tad old, but those who skied it this holiday weekend say it's actually holding up pretty well.

"I really like the mountain because there's lots of of black diamonds and they're very fun," skier Reed Mario said.

At Northstar over the weekend, conditions were similar. Like Heavenly, Northstar has a significant snowmaking operation, which has helped them weather the sparse snow fall so far in January and February.

That said, Heavenly and the other resorts around Lake Tahoe are certainly ready to welcome their first significant snowfall in weeks.

"It's going to be some great conditions going into this weekend," said Sally Gunter with Heavenly Mountain Resort. "We're expecting anywhere between six to 18 inches of fresh snow."

When asked if he's looking forward to the incoming storm, San Mateo resident Kevin Quinn answered, "Yeah, sadly we're driving out in it. So we won't get to stay for the fresh dusting."

It was sunny and pretty warm here all day, but I can see that's about to change. The wind is picking up and some dark grey clouds are moving in.

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