Shoe shiner donates $200K in tips to Pittsburgh hospital


Albert Lexie has been shining shoes at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for 32 years. In that time, every tip he's received he's donated to the hospital's Free Care Fund. The fund goes toward the care of sick children whose parents cannot afford to pay for medical care.

Lexie started working at the hospital in 1981. And this week, he will pass the $200,000 mark in donations.

"It's just his heart, the size of his heart, it's tremendous," one doctor said.

Another hospital worker noted, "Isn't that amazing. That one person can do so much. How often do you find people that nice? I mean, really that nice."

"He's a pure good person, there's nothing but good in this man," said another hospital staff member.

As you can see, doctors, administrators, and many others at the hospital marvel at the amazing generosity of a simple man who has been shining shoes since 1957.

The low-key, soft-spoken Lexie admits, "It's good to be a hero."

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