'Secret Files' website releases celebrities private information


Some experts say it's a hoax, that the phone numbers and addresses are wrong. But there's reportedly evidence that some of the banking information on the site is real and cyber thieves already have their hands on it.

TMZ is reporting the hackers behind this site, which will remain nameless, are already using the victims' personal banking information.

TMZ cites law enforcement sources who won't give specifics, but say it's possible the thieves have already taken cash from celebrity accounts. There are 17 celebrities named on the website, like Beyonce, Jay-Z and Britney Spears. First Lady Michelle Obama was just added Monday night, joining Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The site lists Mueller's current address as being on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. ABC7 News checked with ParcelQuest and the property is not listed in his name. Also, several celebrity phone numbers appear to be wrong. That's part of the reason some experts say the so-called "Secret Files" are fake.

"I'm very suspect information that's released online. It goes against the very reason you steal them, it's to use them. Is this a prank? Is this a hoax? Is it to get attention? That wouldn't surprise me one bit," said Brad Garrett, a former FBI Special Agent.

The site has had more than 100,000 views since Monday. Investigators are working to shut it down, but in the meantime it's supported by San Francisco-based content delivery network CloudFlare. TechWeek Europe reports the company will only cut off customers if asked to do so by a court.

Investigators are reportedly seeking subpoenas to obtain records from internet service providers. A Secret Service official says it's possible the information posted came from publicly available sources.

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