Refunds not enough for bad Katt Williams show


Leveya Kira idolizes Williams but what she says happened at his concert this past November left her feeling sad.

"He was actually like kind of insulting the crowd and making fun of us saying like, 'Oh, I already have your money ha ha ha. You can't get it back now,'" she said.

A YouTube video, taken the night of the show shows security personnel pulling Williams off the stage just as he's getting into a skirmish with an audience member.

Fans said Williams walked off and back on the stage several times that night. Each time he would throw out insults and tell very few jokes.

John Campbell was among those in the audience.

"We kept thinking that it was a tease. Everybody kept getting excited every time he would show. And then it was frustration. By the end everybody was booing," he said.

Williams's troubles didn't end there. In the months that followed he would be arrested five times for charges stemming from a police chase in Sacramento to a bar fight in Seattle.

Things didn't get better for his fans either who were told by both the concert promoter, Live Nation and Ticketmaster that there would be no refund.

"I left, you know, really frustrated and hurt," said Kira.

"In fact, I talked to the lawyer that's doing class action lawsuit against Live Nation," said Campbell.

Attorney Joel Young filed a class action case against Williams, Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

"They had knowledge of the fact that Katt Williams was having problems prior to the concert and they did nothing to let people who purchased tickets know that the concert shouldn't happen," he said.

The defendants declined to comment on the suit but in court papers seeking to get the case thrown out, Live Nation and Ticketmaster released a statement saying: "A ticket entitles the ticket holder to enter the premises for the event, take his seat and view whatever show is put on for him. Courts around the country have held that a ticket does not entitle the holder to a performance that satisfies his subjective expectations."

7 On Your Side informed Kira of her right to dispute the charge with her credit card company but Bank of the West would eventually deny the challenge, saying it was between her and the merchant. Then several weeks later a refund appeared on her credit card statement without explanation.

"I'm surprised, I guess, that they gave the money back," she said.

Campbell had similar luck.

"They finally refunded my money after I told them I was going on Channel 7 On Your Side," he said.

Campbell got his refund from Oracle Arena. Since then, Ticketmaster and Live Nation have said they will be giving refunds to all ticket holders.

But Young says that's not enough.

"Not everyone has received refunds at this point. It's been very hit or miss with regards to who has received refunds," he said.

Young would also like to see ticket holders also get reimbursed for parking, travel and child care expenses. A hearing on whether or not the lawsuit will proceed is scheduled for Thursday, March 21.

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