Ohio prosecutor indicts famed Punxsutawney Phil

Butler County prosecutor Michael Gmoser indicted Punxsutawney Phil for lying that spring would come early this year.

The famed groundhog didn't see his shadow back in February.

Gmoser claims Phil's incorrect prediction has made life miserable for the citizens he's sworn to protect.

"It's definitely not spring. It's a snowstorm and temperatures in the teens. And when I came to work in the wind and the cold I said to myself, 'something's wrong with Phil.' You know Punxsutawney has some answers that he needs to give and I think I'm just going to have to indict him," said the Gmoser.

Butler County's sheriff wants officials in Pennsylvania to cooperate and extradite Phil to Ohio for trial. Gmoser has admitted this is all in fun and he just wants to make light of the cold weather.

Incidentally, a storm moving into the region this weekend could bring between 4-to-8 inches of snow.

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