Car slams into home in SF's Bayview District


Witnesses say they saw the driver of the car get out and take off running. There may have been a passenger in the vehicle. Luckily, the people inside the home were not hurt. The accident was first reported around 3:50 a.m.

The family thought the crash was an earthquake.

"I was in my room, I was getting ready to go to sleep, all of a sudden I heard this boom and the house shook. So I thought we were having an earthquake. My mom got up and looked outside the window and she said there is a car inside the house. So we all came outside and saw the big hole and the car and we were just in shock. Nobody was here and it was just crazy," said San Francisco resident Harmoney Love.

The car has been pulled out of the house and was towed away. A blue tarp has been placed over the spot where the car crashed into the wall.

San Francisco police are investigating why the drive fled the scene.

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