Bay Area storm makes for soggy morning commute


On King Street umbrellas were popping up everywhere, changing the daily routines of a lot of people heading to work.

I'm actually taking Muni because it's raining," San Francisco resident Peter Shehu said. "But I normally walk to work."

Fellow city resident Mar Carmona added, "I don't like it, I like sunny days in San Francisco."

There wasn't much sun at the Caltrain station in San Francisco, and keeping the floor of the station dry so commuters didn't slip was a challenge.

"It's a hassle, it's probably the worst job here," Target employee Brandon Raines said.

Raines was on shopping cart retrieval duty at the Target store in Emeryville. Not an easy task on a day like this.

"Customers throw them all out there, then they slide and you can't handle them," Raines said.

As shoppers hustled to their cars to keep dry, Alameda resident Sharon Nichols took her time and left her umbrella in the car.

"I really do enjoy the rain because I think we need it, even though they say there is a lot of snow, I think we need the rain and I like rain, I grew up in the Midwest," Nichols said.

The CHP says it was a very busy day for them, dozens of spinouts and fender benders, including one fatal accident on I-780 in Benicia. They say it may have been due to the wet weather.

Roads are still slick, they advise drivers to allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

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