Family marks 1 year since father, daughter killed in Concord crash


Solaiman Nuri, 41, and his daughter Hadessa, 9, were killed when a teenage driver crashed into his family as they were riding their bikes last year. Sunday night a vigil was held in their honor.

There were fresh flowers, stuffed animals, and decorations wrapped around a tree for a memorial. It is the same spot where Nuri and "Hadees" were killed a year ago this Sunday.

Right after the crash, two twisted bicycles were left on the pavement and a crumpled white Escalade sat on the street.

Soleiman and Hadees were riding their bikes on the sidewalk when David Rosen careened out of control at more than 70 mph and jumped the curb and sidewalk. The father and daughter were killed.

Rosen was 17 years old when the accident happened. Last October, Rosen was sentenced to more than seven years in jail, but because this happened when he was still a minor, he will serve out his time in a juvenile facility and will be released when he is 21 years old.

Nuri's wife, Stoorai, had hoped that Rosen would be tried as an adult so that he would serve a longer term in jail.

On Monday at Woodside Elementary School a bench and park will be dedicated to honor Hadees, since she was a student at that school.

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