Teen girls rescue dad by lifting tractor off his chest


Jeff Smith was sitting on the machine a week ago Monday when it suddenly flipped backward, trapping him underneath.

When their father screamed for help, 16-year-old Hannah and 14-year-old Haylee came running. First they tried to dig him out. But when that didn't work they grabbed onto the tractor and lifted, raising it just enough for him to slide out.

The two girls are not bodybuilders by any means. They can barely pull off a pushup. They say "adrenaline and God" gave them strength to save their father's life.

"I can't believe we did it," one sister said. While the other added, "It's kinda like a dream when you think back."

"They're great girls, but I mean, that's a lot of weight," Jeff said. "To think, I mean, honestly I'm a big guy, I don't know if I could do it."

Jeff suffered a broken wrist and several bruises, but otherwise he's doing just fine and really thankful that his daughters came to his rescue.

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