3 teens arrested for assault after Saratoga girl's suicide


The parents of Audrie Pott allowed us to share her photo with you so that maybe another child might be saved.

All three teenage suspects were taken out of class on Thursday, and are being held in juvenile hall. Each of them will all be charged with two felony counts and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery.

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Deputies arrived at Saratoga High School before noon on Thursday and arrested two teenaged boys. A third teenager, who used to go to Saratoga, was also arrested at his new school in Gilroy. All of the 16-year-olds are accused of attacking Audrie.

"What happened to Audrie was tragic. It should never have happened. I hope they are brought to justice," said Lauren Cerri, the Pott family attorney.

Detectives say on Sept. 2, 2012 Audrie was at an unsupervised house party. She drank too much and passed out. That's when they say three fellow class mates took advantage.

"She had no idea what occurred until she woke up the following morning and had some drawings on her body and in some private areas," said Cerri.

The boys also took photos during the attack, and not only showed them off at school, but also texted and posted them online. Audrie quickly found out posted this on her Facebook page, "They took pictures of me. My life is ruined. This is the worst day ever."

The 15-year-old took her own life a few days later.

"Some friends told me what happened to Audrie and why it happened and who the people were and stuff like that, so it was really shocking at first," said a Saratoga student.

Saratoga High School was in mourning after Audrie's death. There was a moment of silence, counselors came onto campus, and all the while the boys, many knew were involved, continued to walk the halls until Thursday.

"That it took that long was pretty ridiculous. It was maybe half a year... September. I find that really, really disturbing," one student said.

The boys will be formally charged early next week. Meantime, the parents of the victim will hold a news conference on Tuesday. They say they want to speak out publicly about how all of this has affected their lives as well.

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