San Lorenzo students mourn teen killed playing on train tracks


A Union Pacific police officer gently turned away Price's friends as they tried to lay flowers on the spot where he died last night.

"A lot of people do walk on the tracks like it's just a sidewalk," student Bryan Reyes. "Kind of bothers me."

The kids say Price was doing what many others do and have done over the years -- walked near or on the railroad tracks after school. Only this time, investigators say Price and two friends were playing a game of "chicken" when Price was hit and killed by an Amtrak train. It's a game where the last one to jump off the tracks as a train approaches is the winner.

"We do regular announcements to remind students to stay off the tracks," Principal Tovi Scruggs said. "We do know high school kids know better and we know kids do things because they're kids."

Friday morning, Price's cap was found near the tracks.

Price was a good student, involved in leadership at San Lorenzo High. His friends say he had a kind word for everybody.

"He was always a loving person; he knew how to make everyone smile," student Natalie Alfaro said.

"He was a very sweet boy, never had anything bad to say about anybody," student Dzenisa Tavakovic said.

Now, his friends and fellow students are left to mourn Price's death, and many say, learn from it.

"Hopefully teenagers will be more careful with their lives now," student Ashley Villacorta said.

Counselors were on hand Friday to help students. Many spent part of the day preparing a tribute for Price's family. His services are set for next Wednesday.

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