SWAT moves in on South San Jose parolee, he gets away

SAN JOSE, Calif.

This suspect has a number of weapon-related arrests in Santa Clara County and that's why authorities brought out search dogs, SWAT and an armored vehicle out to Monterey Road. The property includes a tattoo parlor, a car shop and a bunch of RVs back. Somehow the suspect managed to hide and slip away.

ABC7 News' SKY7HD was overhead Friday evening as Santa Clara County SWAT went from trailer to trailer looking for a parolee wanted by U.S. Marshals. They came to the lot in South San Jose to serve a warrant to Richard Paul Tribon, 45, for parole violations, including weapons charges.

"They saw him go toward one of the RVs, one of the trailers. They called him out. He refused to come out and subsequently went into one of the RVs," said Santa Clara County Sheriff's Lt. Jose Cardoza.

So the U.S. Marshals quickly called in back up and K9s scoured the lot, but somehow Tribon managed to slip away.

"He was a parolee recently released from prison, but he had not been in compliance with his parole terms, not checking in with his parole officer and he was pretty dangerous. So they wanted to take him back into custody," said Cardoza.

A resident, in a nearby house, says she didn't know the suspect was living on the property, but she overheard him telling someone else on Friday that he had to leave because he was about to get in trouble.

The search for Richard Paul Tribon continues.

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