Fremont battery maker part of Boston investigation


Two FBI agents were at Fremont-based Tenergy collecting information on customers who've purchased a battery like this over the last few years. Tenergy has confirmed their 7.2 volt, 3000MAH nickel metal hydride battery pack was used in the Boston bombings.

The battery pack consists of six, 1.2 volt batteries. It's a little more powerful than putting together six AA batteries to power something. This battery pack was meant to be used in things like remote-controlled cars and trucks.

Friday morning, Tenergy gave the federal investigators a list of people who've purchased the batteries directly from their website and a list of the 100 shops that sell them.

"If it was from a retail store, obviously we would not have that information, but if they bought it directly from us, we have that information, and we also provided all the information on all the retail stores that we have sold to," said Tenergy Vice President Benjamin Mull.

While they don't know who bought the battery, the list of customers will help the FBI piece together the Boston terror plot.

"Who perhaps made the order? It might not have been either one of these guys. It might have been somebody else. So you have a conspiracy, you have collusion with other people and you have a bigger network. So all of that is very important to the composite of the case," said former FBI agent Rick Smith.

And while those questions remain unanswered, Tenergy does know someone bought the batteries recently.

"The battery pack was actually received here in December of just this past year, so it's only been over the past couple of months when this was purchased, so that narrows down the list quite a bit," said Mull.

Neither of the suspects' names were on the list Tenergy gave to the FBI. Mull said the FBI is done with their investigation at Tenergy, but that the company will continue to cooperate with federal authorities as they continue the search for answers.

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