Mom, daughter injured after car careens into San Jose home

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"We heard, like, a crash and then a small explosion, sounded like it went off, so I ran out of my house," neighbor Stephanie Collins said.

A silver BMW had crashed through the front door of this home. A second red BMW was in the yard. Collins saw the 40-year-old mother first.

"The window of the house was on top of her, they lifted the window off of her," Collins said. "That's when she started saying, 'my baby my baby,' and we heard her crying."

Collins, along with a retired police officer, climbed into the rubble.

"The car was actually lodged between the kitchen hallway and living room and there was a small hole, maybe two and a half feet in diameter," neighbor Lou Soliz said. "I couldn't get in it, she got in it."

And that's where a 9-year-old girl was wedged.

"She was in the fetal position," Collins said. "It was a miracle, it was like a perfect place for her body. She was in between some cabinets and a wall and the front portion of the car, like the bumper."

The mom and her daughter were rushed to the hospital. Witnesses say the drivers of both cars were teenage boys who were cousins.

"They were racing and someone was crossing the street or a car came out and the cars clipped and one went into the house and one didn't go so that's what I've heard," 15-year-old Steven Jarka said.

"We had our urban search and rescue team here," San Jose Fire Department Captain Ron Brown said. "They did structural stability and put up supports so we could do one final sweep of the house just to make sure no one was trapped under the vehicles."

The 9-year-old girl is said to be doing well. Her mother is still listed in critical condition.

Witnesses have told me that one of the teen drivers goes to Leigh High School, just a block down the street. The other goes to nearby Leland High School.

No arrests and no charges have been made yet.

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