Making your Mother's Day come up roses


Sending flowers for Mother's Day is a wonderful idea, but you need to make sure you know what you are buying, and from whom.

If you pick a florist for its location, be aware that just because a florist is named after a city, that doesn't mean the florist, is actually located there.

For instance, there's a listing for a Palo Alto florist, but when you dig deeper into the website you'll find out that is based in Los Angeles.

"There's a lot of activity on the internet. There's a lot of activity in print media where folks are trying to take the allure, or the attraction that local florists have," said Assm. Bob Wieckowski D-Fremont.

So if the location of the florist's shop is important to you, read through the website or ask when ordering.

If you plan to order through one of the big nationwide companies be aware that unless you pay extra, the flowers arrive by FedEx or UPS. And they don't arrive ready for display; they're more like a boxed kit with a vase, vegetation and instructions.

When sending flowers we all have the same concern that what we bought and paid for isn't what actually arrives.

"They'll show up and they're wilted and it looks like you didn't care. That's a problem because I did care. I sent the flowers in the first place," said Ted Maider of San Francisco.

It's important to verify your purchase.

There are a handful of florists nationwide that photograph the recipient and the flowers so you know what you paid for was sent.

In San Francisco, Jane's Roses pioneered the idea.

"I am surprised that nobody copied this service from us. I don't know why but nobody does," said Ilya Shayn of Jane's Roses.

But you can accomplish the same goal by asking mom to snap a picture, that way you'll know for sure she got what you ordered.

And while you are thinking about it, buy your flowers as soon as possible. The closer you get to Mother's day the more expensive the flowers are going to get. The three big national firms are running discounts, so check around for a coupon or code.

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