Website can help you make money, $5 at a time


"What would I do for $5? Not much," said Jesus Nevarez of San Francisco.

"Wow, what would I do for $5? Not much, not much for $5," said Ben Pilgreen of San Francisco.

"There is not a lot I would do for $5," said Mateo Ortega of San Francisco.

There seems to be a consensus. But Kristin Pedderson, known professionally as Miss Kristin, isn't buying in.

"I write press releases, I write blogs, I master music, I do audio mixes," said Kristin from Big Fuss Records.

She sells those services and others for $5 on this website:

"I heard about it from Michael Finney, 7 On Your Side, from you," said Kristin.

After my report aired, she logged on and the rest is financial history.

"Here it is two years later and I've made more than $9,000.00 on the site, $5 at a time," said Kristin.

"We are surprised every day. People are so creative and this is the story of the new economy. People finding creative ways to achieve financial freedom," said Micha Kaufman, the co-founder and CEO of "In today's environment, after the Internet revolution, everyone has something, some skill, talent or resource that is of value for someone else."

Miss Kristin owns the independent label Big Fuss Records. She played a tune and let us listen to a new song. You can also hear the base track she bought for $5.

The base track came from a guy on Fiverr in Sweden and charged her $5. She likes the price, but she also likes the connection.

"We do it for less money, but networking is where it is at because you meet people from all over the world, you make connections that can help you or you can help them in the future," said Kristin.

So, $5 might not seem like much, but it doesn't take long and people catch on.

"Fiverr, huh? I'll take $5 for the interview right now, though," said Nevarez.

So what does it cost? For the buyer nothing, the seller pays $1 out of the $5. There is a sliding scale if the price is above that. Kristin works about an hour and a half a day and says she makes about $100 a week.

So what can you buy? Travel planning, custom artworks, pranks, puppet shows and more.

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