Man goes missing after Bay to Breakers race


They can't be certain, but friends suspect the man went to the beach for a swim after the race because his clothes and I.D. were found on the beach. There are dangerous rip currents at the beach. In fact, on Sunday life guards made seven rescues. Friends hope Rasmussen is somehow OK.

Friends fanned out around Ocean Beach and the western edge of Golden Gate Park, putting up flyers, searching and hoping their efforts would lead to a miracle.

"I just hope Beau comes home. I want to be able to yell at Beau for putting me through this, but I just hopes he makes it," said Brandon Foken, a friend.

Rasmussen of Emeryville is 6'2". His friends haven't seen him since around noon Sunday when he was among the thousands of runners and walkers at the Bay To Breakers. Foken was the last to see him.

"We were sitting down. He kept walking along. We looked up and I could see him continuing to walk down JFK then toward the beach," said Foken.

About eight hours later his belongings were found on Ocean Beach: clothes, hat, cell phone and passport. Friends say he'd lost his driver's license. Life guards searched the water line and the coast guard brought in a helicopter.

Being the Bay To Breakers, his friends say Rasmussen probably had been drinking but wouldn't say it was a factor in his disappearance. Rasmussen works for a San Ramon renewable energy company where colleagues haven't stopped worrying.

"We all just basically stopped work and just tried to discuss what we do to help. Beau's one of our favorite guys in the office and we're worried about him," said Stephanie Serve, a co-worker.

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