Young bear runs wild in SoCal neigborhood


In Sun Valley, homes have swimming pools and horses and backyards that are full of nooks and crannies for a curious bear. This one went through fences and over walls. He was unstoppable, except for when he chose to stop and hide.

At one point he was hiding in some bushes near a home when some residents came outside. It's unknown if they knew there was bear there, but helicopter footage showed them running back into their house rather quickly.

At another point, a giant German Shepard gave chase, pushing the bear toward police officers, but he slipped through some trees and continued on his trek. He went up stairs, through wide open spaces, and it seemed like he could cruise forever.

However, Fish and Wildlife officers had other ideas. They brought the bear's adventure to an unceremonious end with a tranquillizer dart, then dragged his drugged body from beyond some potted palms and loaded him into a truck.

Fish and Wildlife officials will release the bear, thought to be about 15-months-old, in the Angeles National Forest. A spokesman for the department says the bear was likely lured into the neighborhood by the smell of food.

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