Young engineers build car that runs on tweets


Instead of turning a key, this car starts with a tweet that sends a signal into a server in the trunk, which lets the car know that it has social fuel and can start running.

"It's designed so that when we stop for charging, if we don't have enough social fuel the car won't start again," said Buchner. "But it's not going to leave us stranded on the side of the highway with a bunch of teenagers," said Linda Buchner, the president of Mind Drive.

"I had a set goal of being a professional athlete at first, not really caring about honestly my degree or anything like that but I guess, this car has changed my perspective about how much a degree or education matters," Cornel Foster-Minddrive Student

Mind Drive started as an after school program, working on cars at one high school, and quickly grew to draw in kids from several inner-city schools in Missouri.

The kids are preparing to drive their creation to Washington, D.C., to lobby lawmakers for hands-on education.

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