Twins bring new approach to heading Oakland school


They are rarely seen together in the playground, which begs the question are there really two Mr. Richardsons?

The 36-year-old twins have been co-principals at Claremont Middle School in Oakland since last September. Students and parents say they have brought a lot change to the school.

"Student engagement and building relationships as if they were your own child," Reggie Richardson said.

These other twins say the Richardsons make each student feel important.

"They always know everybody's name just from the start and they are just friendly with everybody," student Skyler Stetson said.

When there is a conflict on the playground that's when they team up to find a sensible resolution.

They know they are the kind of role models kids in underserved communities are looking for and need.

"The reason we are here is because of our parents, our mom, all the adults who paved the way for us and created that pathway," Ronald Richardson said.

The twins have education in their blood. Their grandmother was a principal in Oakland and their mother went to school here and taught in Oakland.

Like most twins they do disagree at times.

"We'll have a dispute or a disagreement and then we're back to being twins again and that's the twin code that we have," Richardson said.

That code is helping to unlock the potential in many students at Claremont.

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