Loose railing issue fixed on new Bay Bridge bike path


Caps were welded onto bolts that would have made a protective railing loose on the path. Caltrans has already fixed the problem and emphasized that it was not a faulty bolt problem, but human error that caused the issue.

"We don't know who exactly was doing the work, but again on a project of this scope and scale, something this massive, you are going to run into challenges from time to time. But the whole point of having a very robust quality assurance, quality control process is to catch these things in the field. There is not live traffic on the bike path and there is not live traffic on the bridge. We are catching all of these issues in the field during construction, fixing them and making sure the bridge is 100 percent safe before it opens to the public," said Caltrans spokesperson Andrew Gordon.

The caps have been removed and the bolts have been replaced on the bike path.

Caltrans is still working on the repair for the bolts on the driving portion of the new Bay Bridge. They will not be able to announce today if the bridge will make its Labor Day opening.

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