MLB could suspend 20 players for doping

ESPN's investigative show "Outside the Lines" has found that the owner of the clinic in Miami, which is now closed, is expected to meet with MLB officials on Friday and start naming names; there are at least 20, maybe more.

Names on the list include Oakland A's pitcher Bartolo Colon, who was suspended last year for using a banned substance. Also, former Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera is on the list; he tested positive last year. Cabrera is now player for the Toronto Blue Jays who were at AT&T Park last night. Cabrera was booed when he came up to bat. Other big names in the investigation include Alex Rodriquez and Ryan Braun.

According to ESPN, the MLB has been investigating the Biogenesis clinic since learning early this year that several star players had been listed in its records as having bought performance enhancing substances there. The owner, Anthony Bosch, has apparently agreed to cooperate with the investigation, in exchange for a lawsuit being dropped.

MLB is considering suspending players for 100 games, which is the penalty for second-offenses. ESPN reports though under baseball's labor rules, no suspensions would be announced unless players accept them or exhaust the appeals process. So, for those players who choose to fight suspensions, the process could take several months.

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