Jubilant homecoming for National Guard at Moffett Field


They landed Monday at Moffett Field from deployments in Afghanistan and Africa and were greeted by excited family members.

Tiny August Reovan was only one month old when her father left the Bay Area for a two-month deployment to Africa.

"We did some rescues and just a lot of flying, it was great," said Major Anthony Reovan.

In Afghanistan, they made a milestone rescue.

"The 1,000th save that we had on May 18; that was definitely a wonderful save. We were able to extract an Afghan National Police officer who had a gunshot wound and bring him back to safety," said 2nd Lieutenant Roderick Bersamina.

Lieutenant Colonel Fred Foote is a pilot who was on the horn of Africa for four months. A lot of what his unit was assigned to do was classified.

"We did stuff I can't really talk about that much," he said.

The 129th is always ready to help with military and civilian rescues. Some personnel are full-time, others part-time.

The parents among leave behind the unpaid fulltime job they share in common -- loving and caring for their children.

"I missed my boy for four months so, and my wife. I'm very happy to be home," said Major Chris Nance.

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