San Jose home comes with Tesla car

SAN JOSE, Calif.

This house in San Jose's Willow Glen has it all: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and all the modern amenities. But the listing is drawing buzz for what's been parked in the driveway. Whoever buys the house gets a brand new Tesla Model "S".

Listing agent Avis Garoutte is getting lots of calls from people saying the same thing.

"'Is it true that there's a Tesla with the house? Well I've got to come and see that,'" said Garoutte.

It's not as though prospective buyers need an incentive. The house has been completely renovated with the latest energy efficient features. It's also located in one of San Jose's best neighborhoods.

"Each and every one of these lights in this house is an LED light," said Mohan Mahal, the seller.

Mahal, is on a mission to promote green living. He's a heart transplant survivor committed to doing meaningful work. This is the fourth home his company has renovated to the highest green standards. Throwing in an electric car just seemed to make sense.

"This is definitely giving me the opportunity to get my word out. Let's do energy efficient homes, let's do homes with cars in there, let's do homes with solar panels," said Mahal.

Whoever buys the home gets to pick the color of the new car. It's a prepaid three-year lease worth $40,000. And once the Tesla is ready to be brought home, all the homeowner has to do is plug it in. The garage is already equipped with a charging station ready to go.

Offers are expected any day. The house, listed at $1.325 million, has been on the market for just over a week.

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