Over 1 million expected for San Francisco's Pride weekend


Parade organizers say about a million people attended the event last year and they expect at least 4,000 more people this year due to the Supreme Court rulings.

Members of the Secret Service will also be working the parade because House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D - San Francisco and other elected officials will be in the event.

Pelosi told ABC7 News Saturday that the Supreme Court made the right decisions in clearing the way for gay marriages to resume in California and striking down The Defense of Marriage Act.

"I never had any doubt that the court would strike down DOMA because it clearly is unconstitutional. The Republicans knew it when they passed it. They knew it when they tried to protect DOMA over time," Pelosi said.

Republican supporters of DOMA say the Supreme Court overstepped its role and say there is no fundamental constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

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