Soldier's return home makes for special July 4th in Antioch


"Three weeks ago I was in Kuwait, I'm in the military, I just got home," Jay Brown said.

This family gathering became a tradition long before some people were born.

"Since I was a little girl," cousin Gwen Lebrain said. "And I'm up there in age!"

Unlike others, however, it was a Fourth of July that felt more like a day of thanksgiving.

Wayne: "What are they doing in Kuwait right now?"
Jay: "Burning up, they are burning up."

Spoken like a 30-year veteran Army supply technician who's been home for just three short weeks. Back now with his wife and five children.

"Last year this time he was leaving," said Jay's wife, Yvette Brown. "This time this year, he's home. It's good to have him home, he can help more with the kids."

For most of us the Fourth of July is about fireworks and hot dogs and a revolution more than 200 years ago. Maybe we take this Independence Day a little bit for granted, but not Jay Brown. After missing a year of holidays, this is his best Fourth of July ever.

"Makes it very special," Jay said. "Nothing like family and friends."

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