Families of teens in parasailing accident speak out for first time


Home video shows what went wrong in Panama City, Florida on Monday. It appears the line connecting the teens to a boat broke loose. The girls slammed into two buildings before plummeting to the ground.

Both of the 17-year-old best friends, Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, are showing signs of improvement. Sidney's on a ventilator and can move her arms and legs, while Alexis has been able to walk to her friend's room.

"She actually got up today with therapy and was able to walk," said Alexis' father, Michael Fairchild.

"You're in a state of shock," added Sidney's father, Eric Good. "I mean, this is vacation. It's supposed to be fun."

Back home in Indiana, the girls' neighbors are making giant get well cards for them. They've also been raising money to help cover their mounting hospital bills.

There is no federal regulation of the parasailing industry. In Florida all you need is a safe vessel and captain's license.

There have been 429 serious accidents and 73 fatalities involved in parasailing over the last three decades in the U.S.

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