Asiana Flight 214 survivor grateful for 2nd chance


Ben Levy says he has gone through a traumatic experience but doesn't feel traumatized. The 39-year-old survived the crash with severely bruised ribs.

"I didn't question why did I live through this. I, you know, I was actually extremely grateful that we were here sitting in that plane, injured but all alive," said Levy

Levy has taken the flight from Seoul, South Korea to his home in San Francisco before. He had a feeling the plane was too low just before the crash.

"Why are we so low? It just felt like we were, you know, I said that I, you know, 'too low, too soon.' And when the plane stops, it's like this moment where people stopped screaming actually. It's like this kind of, I don't want to call it white noise but it's like this surreal moment," he said.

Levy pushed the plane door out, helping others escape. He took pictures of the aftermath and says every day he has different feelings but no nightmares or tears.

Levy is back at work, but not back to work. It will take a while before life returns to normal.

"For now it's more like being so, you know, happy to be, you know, a few more years and hopefully a lifetime with my spouse; with my children," said Levy.

He says he knows it was not his time.

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