Little girl saves choking mom by calling 911

July 12, 2013 7:59:23 PM PDT
A 5-year-old girl in New Jersey helped save her mother's life by calling 911.

Chloe Olsen knew just what to do when her mom started choking on a tortilla chip.

She picked up the phone and called 911, but she thought she was calling someone else -- her dad.

Chloe: "Daddy?"
Operator: "Hello."
Chloe: "Daddy, mommy's choking."
Operator: "She's choking?"
Chloe: "Yes, she can't talk right now."
Operator: "OK, can you open the front door and I'll get help over to you?"
Chloe: "OK."
Operator: "OK, open the front door and we'll be right there."
Chloe: "Love you, bye."

Chloe thought she was talking to her dad because her mom had just been on the phone with him.

Chloe's mom is OK.

The local police department says Chloe may be in line for an award.