Teen scores perfect SAT just out of middle school

ALAMO, Calif.

We're not sure Varun has ever used the word "average." In June, he not only took the SAT, but he nailed it, scoring a perfect 2400.

His father read the results online at 5:30 in the morning.

"I was so excited I told Varun, 'Did you know you got a perfect score?' He said 'wow' and then went back to sleep," Vivek Jain said.

Every year about 3 million students take the SAT. In 2012, 360 got a perfect score. Of those, 83 were from California.

"I guess there is always more to do and I'm going to try to do more because it's always exciting to learn more and to accomplish more," Varun said.

At 14, he's won academic awards, spelling bee contests, and plays basketball and tennis.

Both of Varun's parents are physicians, but they admit their son is in a different league.

"He can just read it one time and that's it," Vivek Jain said.

Varun will also soon be releasing a CD with his brother. They both play the sitar.

His great-grandfather worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi.

"He is a very good human being, he's intelligent; I want him to make a difference in the world," his mother Vinita Jain said.

His heroes are Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. In sport it's Michael Jordan.

"Michael Jordan was a good example of how with determination and hard work you can achieve success," Varun said.

Varun starts high school in a few weeks. He has his heart set on either Harvard University or MIT. The good thing is he doesn't have to take the SAT ever again.

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