$448M up for grabs in Powerball jackpot


Here are the winning Powerball numbers: 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, Powerball: 32.

A Powerball ticket matching 5 numbers and worth $289,341 was sold at the Lakewood Shell station on North Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale.

Earlier, California lottery officials said retailers were selling more than half a million tickets an hour. We decided to visit the luckiest lottery retailer in the state -- Kavanagh Liquors in San Lorenzo, where they have given away four lottery jackpots. No other retailer in the state can say the same.

Store manager David Stahn says on Wednesday 90 percent of his business was strictly lottery tickets.

"Today we'll do thousands and thousands, close to $20,000 to $30,000 today, so quite a bit," said Stahn.

He says his customers just believe the store is lucky.

"This is a lucky store, so they've already had four winners. Hopefully a Powerball winner is next," said San Francisco resident Rick Ramos.

This morning the line was backed up to the beer coolers in the back. Wester Taylor drove down from Oakland, thinking it could make a difference.

"Probably. I never heard of any winners in Oakland, so anyplace would have better odds than in Oakland," said Oakland resident Wester Taylor.

The store does offer some help in picking numbers. For a quarter a machine will blow around a batch of ping pong balls, until six of them pop up. We didn't see anyone using that method. Most folks told us they had their own way.

"I'm not going to tell you my numbers," said San Leandro resident Tina Rodriguez. She said she picks, "birthdays and dates and special dates."

Phyllis Ford uses her children's birthdays.

Oakland resident Phyllis Ford said if she won she would give her kids a cut and joked, "and I'll send them the check from the airport. That way I have no return address."

Irma Pelicas, 90, of San Lorenzo is just the opposite. If she wins, it's going to the kids "and that's about it. I'm too old to go anyplace."

We should all be that lucky.

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