Couple seeking owners of lost puppy found in SF Bay


The black Labrador mix is recuperating after the frightening ordeal.

It was swimming far off the Berkeley Pier heading towards Angel Island when a group of windsurfers spotted her.

Lisa Grodin's husband was passing by on an inflatable boat and hauled the dog in.

It was shaking, scared and suffering from mild hypothermia.

"She was pretty cold last night. It was rough out there. They say the water was really choppy. And it was amazing that they found her and that she got a ride home," Grodin said.

She's not quite home yet. The dog had a nice collar on, but no ID tag or microchip, so there's isn't a way to contact the owner.

Grodin and her husband may consider adopting the puppy but would prefer to reunite it with its family.

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