Palo Alto High School warns students about streaking


Students at the school usually have "streak week" at the end of the school year, but yesterday two seniors undressed during lunch and ran through campus on the first day of classes.

Palo Alto High School Kim Diorio says it has never happened on the first day of classes in her six years on campus and wants to work to end this unsafe and educationally disruptive tradition. She sent a letter out to parents saying when students run through campus without clothing in the spirit of fun they are creating a hostile work environment for students and an emotionally unsafe environment for students.

In the letter, Diorio said the consequences of streaking have not been clear to the students: "So, to be absolutely clear - the consequences from this point forward will include suspension from school and a conference with our Palo Alto Police Department School Resource Officer."

The principal is also asking parents to speak with their students saying she wants to channel their energies to a more positive direction.

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